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 This Summer, we're inspired by the hidden villas of Tuscany. From vineyard estates to charming farmhouses to sprawling Castillos, these enchanted properties all share a long storied history, and an embrace of elegance in simplicity.

The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, this region of Northern Italy is home to the ancient city of Florence, its own coastline along the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, and countless smaller towns, each more charming than the last. 

We’re moved by cobblestone streets, hidden marketplaces, and captivating gardens of the region. In our dreams, we’re traipsing through the countryside in a long scarf and a convertible, driving through the narrow, angled streets of the city on Vespa, or walking barefoot along the beach with the wind in our skirt and a gelato in our hands.

Whether you find yourself reading an old magazine in the morning light of the garden, sharing a bright pranzo (lunch) on the patio with friends and family, picking lemons from the citrus orchard, or watching the sun set over the rolling hills with your loved one and a glass of prosecco, Tuscan homes are meant for living - and enjoying every simple pleasure the day might bring.